The Friends of Émilie Charmy welcome you!

Émilie Charmy (1878-1974) was a Lyon-born avant-garde painter, an Expressionist, a Fauve, and an exception for her time. Until recently, very little has been published about the life and career of this remarkable woman. The Friends of Émilie Charmy are pleased be part of a larger collaborative effort to recognize and document Charmy’s mastery. We wish to acknowledge in particular Bernard Bouche and the Bouche family, Patrick Seale, Sylvie Carlier, Corinne Charles, Sandra Martin and the Musée Municipal Paul-Dini in Villefranche-sur-Saône for their dedicated research and successful recovery of data on Émilie Charmy.

We invite you to join us in the gathering and sharing of information and would be thrilled to chronicle and display any materials or relevant information you may have – such as pictures, news articles, publications – on this website. Please contact us if you wish to share materials with Friends of Émilie Charmy or have any questions about Émilie Charmy.